The Art of Letting Go

What comes to mind when I say "let it go"? Is it an icy vision of Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen, singing her heart out about leaving her past behind? I thought so.

You must be a mindful mama with kids who love Disney movies. Mine certainly do. Even though I've got two boys, we've still seen Frozen a number of times, AND we have the Soundtrack. Alright, alright, I bought that for me.

But seriously, if Elsa can let it go that easily, why can't we? Once we get all worked up about something, we often have a very hard time letting it go. That's because we let our thoughts run the show. That one irritating incident can generate literally thousands of thoughts. And...the longer we allow those thoughts to roll around in our minds, the longer we hold on, and the more irritated we become. 

The truth is, it's actually very simple to let go, once you get the hang of it. However, if you'd told me that prior to 2015, when I read Dr. Hawkins' life changing book called "Letting Go", I would have told you that you were nuts! 

Here's how Dr. Hawkins describes the feeling of letting go: 

"...the sudden cessation of an inner pressure or the dropping of a weight. It is accompanied by a sudden feeling of relief and lightness, with an increased happiness and freedom."

Now doesn't that sound like bliss? I'm sure you've felt this at least once in your life. Maybe that time when you lost sight of your child in a busy grocery store and you started to panic because you thought they were lost, and then you heard them say, "Hey mom, what are you looking for?", from directly behind you. Yeah, that's the one. If you've never felt this, then you might not be a mindful mama with a spirited child.

But I digress. I know what you're thinking...that's great, but how the heck do I let go? Here's how Dr. Hawkins describes the process:

"Letting go involves being aware of a feeling, letting it come up, staying with it, and letting it run its course without wanting to make it different or do anything about it. It means simply to let the feeling be there and to focus on letting out the energy behind it."  

Now when I say something is simple, I DO NOT mean it's easy. This technique can be very hard, especially if you're angry and in fight or flight mode. It'll take lots and lots of practice. However, once you get good at it, you can learn to let a negative feeling go within seconds.

Why does this work you say? 
Well, if you really want to know the mechanics of it, you'll probably want to read the whole book, but according to Dr. Hawkins, scientific research done by Gray-LaViolette in 1981 demonstrated that thoughts are filed in memory according to feelings. So, when you let go of the feeling, the thoughts disappear.

What's even more exciting about this, is that you can release a particular feeling in relation to one specific situation, and that same feeling will decrease over all situations. So, if you have a fear of heights and snakes, you only need to focus on letting go of one, as the other will diminish automatically at the same time.  

Isn't that astounding!? I'd never heard such a thing before, and I've read tons of "self help" type books. Seriously...I felt like I'd hit the jackpot when I read this. If you're anything like me, when you're upset your brain never stops working and coming up with new thoughts, the next one more irritating than the last. Sometimes I would think, if I could just make the thoughts stop, I'd feel less crazy. Well now I can! It works, and it's truly amazing.   

Surrendering in this way has helped me (and my family) immensely. I'm a recovering perfectionist and control freak, so this was a very hard technique to learn. However, without it, my kids and I might still be back at square one with all the anger, frustration, and screaming. 

We've come so far since then, and I want that for you too. If you struggle with depression, anxiety, or anger, I highly encourage you to read Dr. Hawkins' "Letting Go" book and try out this technique for yourself. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

My life and the work that I do has been so greatly inspired by the research and books of Dr. Hawkins that I want to recommend a few of his other books as well:

1. Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

2. Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior

3. Healing and Recovery

4. Success Is For You: Using Heart-Centered Power Principles for Lasting Abundance and Fulfillment

Aside from introducing me to this life changing technique of letting go, Dr. Hawkins also introduced me to muscle testing and the map of consciousness.

Muscle testing, which you may already know, is one of my favorite tools for connecting with your higher self or spirit. I teach people how to use the body pendulum or sway technique (in my video called the Top Three Tools for Seeking Within), which is based on the same concept. Dr. Hawkins spent many years researching muscle testing, and talks about it in virtually all of his books, but writes about the in-depth research in Power vs. Force. Some of the tests they performed are really very interesting. 

The map of consciousness is also a very interesting concept that was created using muscle testing. The idea is that each level of consciousness is associated with a particular energy and given a numerical value. The map starts all the way at the bottom with the level of Shame (numerical value of 20), and goes all the way up to Enlightenment at the very top (numerical value of 1000). On this map is a critical point at the level of Courage (numerical value of 200). Dr. Hawkins describes this level as "the critical point that marks the shift from negative to positive energy".

When I began reading the "Letting Go" book, I was well below the level of courage, but just by reading the book, I moved up significantly. Years later, I have now moved up through Courage and into Willingness (numerical level of 310). Finding his teachings was a critical turning point in my life. My entire outlook on life has shifted, and the overwhelming amount of positivity has made a remarkable difference in the way I see things. 

Please trust me when I say that if you follow his teachings, your life will change in amazing ways. The knowledge that he brought into this world is truly of the divine. 

Please leave a comment below with which of Dr. Hawkins' techniques or concepts you found most fascinating. I'd love to hear from you!


In peace and happiness, 

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