Squash Indecisiveness For Good

What if you knew the answer to any question?

Whether you're trying to make a tough decision, like how to handle a challenging situation with your child, or something easy, like what to eat for lunch, you can always ask your intuition. It's something you were born with, and can never be taken from you. It's your right as a human being!

The more you listen to and trust your intuition, the smoother your life will become. It's purpose is to guide you toward your highest good. Growing up I was familiar with the term intuition, but I had no idea how to "listen" to it, until one day...it made itself known to me. 

Finding my intuition

I had been meditating regularly for about two years when it happened. I was sitting peacefully on my meditation bench when a thought popped into my mind. I can't even remember the particular thought, but my body immediately started rocking side to side as if to say, yes...that's a fantastic idea!

I sat in amazement rocking back and forth, wondering what the hell just happened. Gradually the movement slowed to a stop. That had never happened before, and truthfully it was a bit scary. I didn't tell anyone other than my husband for fear they would think I'd lost my mind. 

Learning to trust my intuition

After that day, every time I sat down to meditate, I would sit as still as possible and focus on the feeling in my body. As long as my thoughts were clear I stayed centered, but could feel energy moving up my spine in a spiral motion. It was like someone turned a light bulb on inside my body. 

As soon as I started to think about something exciting, my body would start to move side to side again. If I was thinking about something I was unhappy about, it would move front to back. I tested the movement over and over again with statements like my hair is brown, and my eyes are blue (they are not). It was crazy how accurate the response was. Those eventually became my calibrating statements.

Researching Intuition

Since that amazing self discovery, I've read lots of books that describe this "knowing", and physical reaction in your body. It's often referred to as muscle testing, the sway technique, or the body pendulum. Here are a few books that can elaborate:

  • Power vs. Force - David R. Hawkins
  • The Emotion Code - Dr. Bradley Nelson
  • Your Inner GPS - Zen Cryar DeBrucke 

    These three books describe how we're all made up of energy, and it's continually flowing through our bodies. Positive thoughts open us up and allow the energy to flow freely, while negative thoughts close us and block the flow of energy. You can get a true/false response using the two person muscle testing technique, or on your own using the various self testing techniques described in the books above or in these two videos I created below.

    I've used the self testing techniques from many different positions and my body's response is different in each position. If I'm sitting in bed and the energy is not flowing freely to all of my body, then only my head moves. When I'm standing up, my whole body moves. It's something you'll want to test for yourself. 

    A word of caution

    When I was just starting out with little experience, I noticed that the "answers" I received became less clear when I was asking questions about a particularly charged subject. Each time that happened I had to stop and refocus on my third eye to get out of my thinking brain and listen to my spirit's guidance. 

    For this reason, you'll want to avoid asking questions about charged subjects until you're more experienced. Additionally, you'll always want to avoid asking questions about other people. Your body cannot accurately answer questions about anyone but you. 

    Depending on my intuition

    The more experience and trust I had, the more amazing this tool became. I don't know how I ever lived without the full use of my intuition. I was very indecisive most of my life and was always asking others advice. I would usually come away more confused than I was to begin with because the advice I received was often contradictory to my own "feeling", which I now recognize was my intuition.  

    Learning how to listen to my intuition has absolutely changed my life! I no longer struggle to make hard decisions or waste time creating lengthy pros and cons lists. Now I just ask my higher self and then listen to the answer. Plus, it feels amazing because everything is in alignment, and you have no doubts about your decision. I highly recommend learning this useful tool. 

    Leave a comment below and let me know how you use your intuition. 


    In peace and happiness, 

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