My Secret Addiction

Don't tell anyone...but I have a secret addiction to the Hallmark Channel. I can't help it! I've always loved sappy romantic comedies.

The Truth
I know it sounds silly, but here's the truth. I've always watched romantic comedies because they made me FEEL something. For some reason, watching other people struggle with love seemed to thaw my heart a little bit and allowed me to feel emotions that I didn't feel otherwise. As far back as I could remember, I was a very unemotional person. I kept my emotions locked up tight where no one could see them, not even me. I only cried on very unfortunate occasions, like when my favorite person on the planet (my grandpa), passed away. I remember crying then, but not nearly enough.

A Crack in the Heart Wall
A couple of years ago I started taking a meditation class where we worked on opening up the heart chakra. It was then that the gigantic wall around my heart started to crack. It was actually quite disturbing at first because I didn't know how to handle my emotions. Interestingly enough, at the same time my boys were also having a rough time properly handling their emotions at school. I ended up buying a program called the Emotional ABC's to help them identify their emotions and make better choices based on how they were feeling. The program includes a video, workbooks, music, and playing cards. After working through it, we came up with a code word to remind each other to stop and run through the steps when one of us was about to lose it. It was very helpful for all of us.    

Letting Go of the Heart Wall
That small crack got bigger and bigger as I worked hard to take down that wall around my heart. I now felt my emotions, and had some idea how to handle them, but I had no idea how to let them go. When I got upset I would hold onto it for days. I eventually learned the "Letting Go" Technique, as described by Dr. David R. Hawkins in one of my favorite books ("Letting Go: The Pathway To Surrender"). This is when I first discovered I could choose to be happy. As soon as an emotion came up, all I had to do was sit with it, observe it, and it would eventually run out. At that point, the emotion or feeling would be released, along with the thousands of thoughts in my head surrounding that feeling. It was an amazing transformation for me and the only technique I thought I would ever need, until now. 

Releasing Trapped Emotions That Created the Heart Wall
I recently took a class with Martin Arkenstone who introduced me to a new technique for releasing emotions. The technique that he uses is based on a book called The Emotion Code written by Dr. Bradley Nelson. What's so great about this technique is that you don't have to wait for the emotion to come up before you can release it. You can release any trapped emotion at almost any time and even specifically those that make up the heart wall. All you need to do is identify the emotion and then have the intention to release it. Since taking his class I've been able to release emotions that were trapped in childhood and have shaped many of my long held beliefs. I've noticed lots of significant changes in my thoughts and behaviors as a result. 

Learning the Emotion Code
It's been so helpful that I URGE you to attend one of Martin's classes. Martin's focus is helping entrepreneurs release their emotional baggage, so that they can be successful.  However, the demonstration that he gives on releasing trapped emotions is nothing short of amazing and can help anyone. If you cannot attend one of his events, please do yourself a favor by purchasing "The Emotion Code" book and practicing the techniques. I promise, you'll thank me for it.

In peace and happiness, 

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