A Day in the Life of a Seeker

You stayed up too late the night before, so you sleep through your alarm. Instead of waking up early to make your morning green juice, you get up late, barely have time to shower, and yell at the kids because they won't stop fighting. You arrive at work late, only to realize that you forgot your lunch and missed your Tuesday morning meeting. After a long day you leave work and immediately get stuck in terrible traffic. You're late picking up your kids and now owe even MORE money to after school care. The kids are silent on the way home because they can see the steam coming out of your ears. As you get home and start making dinner, your husband calls to say he's going to be late because of the traffic. You're about to lose your mind!

Usually this is where you yell at your husband, then sneak off to your room to cry in private. But not THIS time! Today you remember the necklace you bought last week hanging around your neck like a savior. You calmly get off the phone, take a deep breath, and inhale the rose essential oil you added to your necklace. After all, it was recommended by your Ayurvedic consultant to help you with your anger. You feel your heartbeat begin to slow as you see the hand stamped mantra and remember that peace and happiness are always inside of you. All you have to do is choose them. So you take a few more deep breaths, and let go of the day's stress. You check on your kids, give them a kiss, and put on some happy music, so that you can enjoy making dinner.  

Hand stamped signature mantra diffuser necklace - $39.50  |  Not losing your mind - Priceless!

Do you need a reminder?


In peace and happiness,  




  • You’re welcome! I’m so glad I could help you out. :-)

  • This is so true!!!! The stress continues to build….I am so happy to have the daily reminder, reminding me to look inside myself and let go of the craziness of my day. Thank you!!


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