What is a Serenity Warrior Mama?

Before I can answer that question, let's first talk about the every day mama, and how truly amazing they are. Whether they're working outside of the home or in it, they are the lifeblood of the family.

A mama is someone who plays the role of the primary caregiver to the child. Keep in mind, this role could also be played by a man if they're a stay at home dad, a single dad, or even just really involved. I'm really lucky to have a very supportive husband who shares these responsibilities with me.  

Here are just a few of the things that we mamas do for our children on a daily basis: 

  • Get them up and going in the morning 
  • Feed them a good breakfast 
  • Take them to school 
  • Pick them up from school 
  • Help them with their homework 
  • Give them a snack 
  • Feed them a healthy dinner
  • Remind them to shower and brush their teeth 
  • Tuck them in to bed at night 
  • Kiss their boo boos when they get hurt 
  • Answer some very tricky questions 

So, how is a Serenity Warrior Mama different? 

Not only do they do all of the things above, but they also embody the following traits: 

  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Persistence
  • Passion
  • Mastery of skill

Let's talk about how these traits or characteristics will show up in your life as a mama. We'll take a look at them one at a time...


Do you have the courage to look at what's not working and fix it? It's very important that you recognize a relationship is based on the synergy between two people. If the relationship between you and your child is strained, there are actually two people that need to change, not just one. Although painful to accept, your own behavior is often reflected in the behavior of your child. To become a Serenity Warrior Mama means that you recognize the need for you to do some internal work and are actively pursuing this work.   


Are you making the right decisions for your child? There are many decisions that need to be made when dealing with the health and well being of a Spirited Child. Two of the biggest decisions are whether you will medicate your child and how you will feed your child. To become a Serenity Warrior Mama means that you have confidence in your decisions because you listen to and trust your intuition wholeheartedly. 


Are you showing your child that you understand and care about their struggles? Our Spirited Children often spend more time struggling than enjoying life. Their lives can quickly become overwhelmingly negative if we don't help them to break free of the negative feedback loop and show them how much we care. To become a Serenity Warrior Mama means that you give your child an extra dose of understanding and empathy, so they know they're loved, even when they behave inappropriately.   


Are you treating your child with the respect you'd like them to show you? We show respect to our children through our words, tone of voice, body language, and energy. If you say, "That drawing is amazing", but your tone is sarcastic and your hand is on your hip, they'll feel the sarcasm, and ignore your words. If you do that kind of thing repeatedly, they'll begin to mirror that behavior back to you. To become a Serenity Warrior Mama means that you recognize your child's need for respect and show them the same respect you would show your neighbor's ninety year old grandma. 


Do you persist on your child's behalf? Having a Spirited Child will require you to be very persistent about many things, but a few examples include, the food they eat, finding the right medication or choosing not to medicate, and working with the school to get a 504 or IEP. All of these situations can be extremely taxing on the mama. To become a Serenity Warrior Mama means that you don't give up until you've reached the desired outcome of a very challenging situation.   


Do you have a passion to be the best mama you can be? In order to feel like a great mama, you must first decide to be a great mama. The choice is yours, but it'll require you to put your body, mind, and spirit into the pursuit of such an accomplishment. To become a Serenity Warrior Mama means that you have the drive to become the best mama to your child and will put forth the effort and energy required to make it a reality. 

Mastery of skill

Do you have the knowledge that you need to understand your child's perspective? Whether your child has an official diagnosis or not, you're probably reading this because your child's behavior requires special parenting skills. These skills can be obtained through books, doctors, experts, or even those that have traveled the path before you. Learning what is going on with your child physically, mentally, and emotionally is especially important if they've been diagnosed with a disorder such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). To become a Serenity Warrior Mama means that you recognize the need for special skills and are actively pursuing those skills to help you child thrive in life.

I'm so grateful we've crossed paths! Remember, you've got everything you need within you to be a great mama right now! 💙 

In peace and happiness, 

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