Cynthia Soszka

Intuitive Healer, Serenity Warrior, Photographer & Mama of Spirited Boys 

Hello, I'm Cynthia...

I've always been very sensitive and concerned about the environment, even as a little girl. I used to save every scrap of used foil in a large ball under the sink to be recycled. My mom tells me that I used to cry myself to sleep worrying about how we were destroying our earth. Because of my sensitivity, I was easily overwhelmed by my surroundings.

I grew up in a very loud and chaotic home where we rushed from one thing to the next most days. I realize now that I'm an empath and the energy of those around me had a strong effect on my inner sense of peace and well being. 

I learned early on that I had a strong connection to this earth, and that I felt more in control and at peace when I was surrounded by nature, and more specifically water. I sought serenity daily, which often involved me staying at home away from crowds of people. 

After years of self development and inner work I've come to a place where I'm ready to teach what I've learned with others like me, so that they too may heal.

Fun Facts About Me

💙 I have a B.S. in Environmental Resource Science from UC Davis

💙 I have a close relationship with nature and have been a tree hugger all my life

💙 I dropped my best zoom lens in the pool on my honeymoon

💙 I consider myself an empath and love all types of energy healing

💙 I received my 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate just before my 40th birthday