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Find Serenity Amidst the Chaos

Tired of trying to change your  Spirited Child's out of control behavior? Well, now you don't have to because this training is for YOU, not your Spirited Child. This training will leave you feeling like a great mom and bring the joy, peace, and serenity that you so desperately crave back into your family. Don't waste another minute reading yet another parenting book. I've got all of the strategies and tools that you need to transform your family and I'll be by your side the whole way to hold your hand through the changes. 

Read on for more information on how this training is structured and what you will receive from this training each week. This is a one-on-one training that will be exactly what you need because it will be tailored to fit the needs of you and your family. 

Week 1 (Getting to Know You)

The first week of the training is actually the most important. This is the week where I get to know all about you and your family, what your specific struggles are, and where you need the most assistance. The better I understand where you're starting, the better I can tailor this training to your specific needs. 

I never use a cookie cutter approach in my training. I don't provide a bunch of unhelpful tools and information. I only provide the tools and information that will be the most effective and efficient to get you to your ideal day. 

Weeks 2 & 3 (Heal Your Body)

Here's what you can expect at the end of weeks 2 & 3:

💚 More energy to cope with your child's intensity
💚 More energy to spend quality time with your child
💚 More patience with your child's negative behavior

The intensity of a Spirited Child requires that we're at our absolute best in order to remain calm in the face of anger, frustration, and anxiety. 

I'll help you learn how to truly nourish your body by providing it with healthy food, water, exercise, sleep, and a daily self care routine. 

Weeks 4 & 5 (Train Your Mind)

Here's what you can expect at the end of weeks 4 & 5:

💚 Ability to maintain positive thoughts when your child melts down
💚 Ability to accept your child just as they are unconditionally
💚 Ability to control your anger when it comes up

Although it may not feel like it, you have complete control over your mind and your thoughts. You can choose to be happy at any time by looking within. 

I'll help you shift your thinking, to see that you already have all the answers within you.

Weeks 6 & 7 (Feel Your Spirit)

Here's what you can expect at the end of weeks 6 & 7:

💚 Feel confident in your decisions for you and your child
💚 Feel a strong connection to your spirit and in tune with your own needs
💚 Renewed faith that you have everything you need to be the mama you want to be

You'll begin to see your thoughts shift to a more positive pattern, and you'll notice a much stronger connection to your spirit. 

I'll help you learn how to feel your spirit and get answers to your most urgent questions.

Week 8 (Wrap Up)

The last week will be spent wrapping up everything that you've learned, answering any last minute questions, and making sure that you're ready to continue with these changes on your own. 

I'll provide all the tools necessary to keep up with the transformation that you've made over the last eight weeks. 

Is This Training Right for You?

If you're not desperate for answers and ready to move mountains, then probably not.

But...if you think you've tried everything, nothing has worked, and you can't stand the thought of things remaining the same for another minute, then this IS the training for you.

It's likely that you already know some of what I'll teach you, but you chose not to take action on that knowledge. Now is the time to take action! I'm here to hold your hand and help you through it this time.

I've been where you are now, and I remember how painful it was. I wish I'd had someone to hold my hand back then. It would've been priceless to me.

What's Included?

What's Included?

💚 Gratitude journal to record what you learn in each of our sessions
💚 Eight 90 minute phone calls or Skype sessions to be scheduled by you to work within your busy schedule
💚 Nine weeks of email support for questions on anything we've covered
💚 Piece of signature mantra jewelry or art to serve as a symbolic reminder of what you've learned

If you're ready to move mountains and do the hard work required, click the button below to schedule a call with me. Let me help you become the warrior of your own Serenity. 💚

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