Virgil ~ Serenity Warrior Training Graduate

I'm a single dad with an 8 year old son with ADHD. Over the past year our home has been a battle zone filled with fighting and lying. Working with Cynthia over the past 6 weeks has made amazing changes in our home. Cynthia has guided us in restructuring our home, from diet changes to having a more positive mind set, getting in touch with my spirit, finding time for myself, and loving time with my son. Overall, a better loving home.

Wendie Vieira ~ Santa Clara, CA 

The product that is being sold is Cynthia's overwhelming knowledge and experience of not just spirited children, but also for the MOMMY! Cynthia speaks to you at whatever level you are at in life. And she will continue to keep you posted and be available for talking things through; whether its about the kids, food choices, and about mommy struggles. Also if she doesn't know an answer for you, she will find where to guide you. She is the BEST!!! I guarantee you won't be disappointed!! However your small part is to continue to touch base with her in one form or another, and I promise your lives will change for the positive!!

Trinity Proctor ~ Nevada City, CA 

So much to say about what Cynthia has to offer......

*The Tuesday meet ups are a great way to get together with some terrific women and talk, share and learn. Cynthia has so much knowledge to assist with what ever you are looking to improve in your life, even if it's just a gentle push in the right direction.

*The Jewlery Cynthia has created with love and care are not only fashionable but actually serve a purpose with their aroma therapy to help you stay centered throughout your day.

*Really looking forward to putting Cynthia's several years accumulation of knowledge to work in assisting me to a path of a healthier me!

Tina Garner ~ Smartsville, CA

Many options for wonderful support and beautiful products to remind us all that “we got this!” Cynthia has done so much research and actually implemented her research into her life and her family’s life. She knows what she is talking about. The mindful mama meet ups are awesome as well!

Tirz Rhy ~ Grass Valley, CA 

Cynthia is so honest and personal, and so open minded! I love that about her. I'm in her Facebook group and she always keeps it interesting coming up with different ideas of what we can do to stay centered. She shares how she does them, and enjoys if you put your own spin on it to make it work for you.

Her jewelry is well made and the lava beads that you put essential oils on is such a great tool. I use an energizing oil a lot on mine. I don't really wear jewelry much at all except for my bracelet. It's classy and useful and it fits my style so well. These also make great gifts for friends and family or for events like bridal parties. It comes in such cute packaging, you're not going to need to wrap it yourself.

If you don't have a piece of WYSIW jewelry, #treatyourself.

Traci Chazen ~ Penn Valley, CA 

Monthly meetings: This is a really interesting, fun and vibrant place to be on a Tuesday evening. I love the way I feel after leaving the group. So much positivity, helpfulness and support for anything under the sun. You don’t even have to be a ‘mama’ to be under Cynthia’s care, so much to learn about ourselves as women and the daily struggles that distract us from US. ❤️

I have enjoyed wearing my Lava necklace - it reminds me every time I feel it, to relax and let myself deal with whatever comes next. I will still be here, and I will be okay. It's a symbol of what you are - it's all inside of you. You don't have to compare yourself to others to be fulfilled and content with yourself. When you are content, others around you seem to follow suit. The scent is all you, it can be your mothers perfume, or your favorite oil- Lavender is my favorite, to roll with you all day. You will always have a cherished piece of unique jewelry to remind you about You.