Lake of Stars and Stone (Modern Rustic Floating Art Print with Hidden Storage for Mail)

Lake of Stars and Stone

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Title: Lake of Stars and Stone

Location: June Lake, California (2018)

Frame Size: Exterior Frame - 22" x 26"

Frame Materials: Stained pine wood with hinged door and magnetic closure

Frame Hanger: Wall Mounted with 18" metal french cleat

Media: 16" x 20" Aluminum Print

Photographer: Cynthia Soszka

Handmade functional art that does double duty! On the outside this looks like a beautiful piece of art floating in a modern rustic farm house style frame. On the inside, it's hidden storage for anything you'd like. It's shown here with a space for mail and hooks for keys, but it could be used for holding other items like jewelry as well. Please email me at if you'd like other options. 

I created this piece as a solution to one of my most obnoxious problems, messy mail all over the kitchen and entry way. I prefer to keep my kitchen clean, but the amount of paper mail I still receive (even though I've tried to go paperless with all my bills) makes it difficult. I've had many mail boxes over the years, but none that really satisfied my needs. I love that I don't have to see the stack of unopened mail, it's not taking up space on my counter, and the photograph provides a serene feeling as I head out the door every morning.

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